3 Signs of an Impending Heat Pump Replacement in Indian Wells, CA

Provided that it gets a tune-up twice a year, the average heat pump in Indian Wells, CA lasts around 10-15 years. Yours may even serve you for 20 years if you manage not to run it too much. When the time comes for a new heat pump, though, you’ll know because you’ll probably experience one or more of these warning signs.

1. Frequent Repairs

It’s not unusual for a heat pump to need a few repairs every year, even when a professional is maintaining it. However, you want to ask yourself whether the repairs have improved the system’s performance or if, on the contrary, you still experience issues like short cycling and lukewarm air. In that case, only a complete replacement could provide a long-term solution.

2. High Monthly Energy Bills

Short or abnormally long cycling can not only wear down a system faster but can also reduce its energy efficiency. This means you’ll start paying more and more each month for the same results. You need to regularly check whether your bills have gone up despite the absence of any major schedule or temperature changes.

3. Poor Indoor Air Quality

When energy efficiency goes down, so does indoor air quality. Short-cycling heat pumps, for example, won’t remove humidity from your home, and dirty coils and leaks in the air ducts could cause more pollutants to float around inside the home. Watch for signs like high humidity, stale air, and worsening allergy symptoms.

At Champion HVAC, we can work on heat pumps of all makes and models in the Fairdale area, and we stand behind everything we do with our “Get It Right” guarantee. We’re a locally owned and operated company and a Trane Comfort Specialist. Call us anytime, and we’ll provide a flat-rate price for whatever service you need.

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