4 Signs Your AC Needs Repairs in Indian Wells, CA

Your air conditioner in Indian Wells, CA, may require two or three repairs throughout the year, but most of the time, it will throw out warning signs before it breaks down. Here are four signs that let you know your AC needs repairs.

1. Lukewarm Air

This first sign may point to one of several issues, including a malfunctioning compressor, a dirty evaporator coil, and a leak in the refrigerant line. Our hope is that it’s merely a dirty coil because that will be the least costly to address. Note that regular, professional maintenance can do much to prevent issues like this and will even extend your system’s life span.

2. Low Air Pressure

Together with a lack of cool air, by putting your hand against the supply vents you may notice that the air doesn’t blow out as strongly as it used to. Dirty coils can cause this, too, or an issue with the fan or fan blades.

3. Unusually Loud Noises

This doesn’t necessarily mean the clicking and other noises that you hear temporarily when the AC starts. Continual, loud noises like banging, rattling, screeching, and squealing are serious signs that something has gone wrong, and they should prompt you to call over a technician right away.

4. High Humidity Levels

An AC that runs smoothly has a dehumidifying effect. If your home is getting more humid than normal, then your AC may be suffering in some way.

Get in touch with Champion HVAC today for your next AC repair job in Indian Wells. Although we’re designated as a Trane Comfort Specialist, we can work on any brand or model of ducted AC or mini-split as we continually train our technicians on advances in HVAC technology. All our repairs, in addition to our installations, come backed with a three-year labor warranty.

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