4 Tips for Improving Your AC’s Efficiency This Summer in Rancho Mirage, CA

Cooling costs constitute a large percentage of energy bills in your Rancho Mirage, CA home. You can reduce your energy bills this summer by improving your air conditioner’s efficiency. Check out these AC efficiency tips to reduce energy costs and get the most out of your cooling system.

1. Adjust Thermostat Settings

You can adjust temperature settings during the summer months to optimize energy efficiency. The temperature settings for your indoor temperature should be closer to the outside temperature to reduce the cost of cooling your home. Set the temperatures to a higher setting to preserve energy while asleep or away from home.

2. Service Your AC Early

An important tip for improving AC efficiency is servicing the system early enough before the hot season, rather than waiting until mid-summer. Postponing seasonal AC maintenance can make the system inefficient, forcing it to consume more energy to cool your home. Annual maintenance keeps the air conditioner at optimal performance so that it can operate efficiently.

3. Replace Air Filters

If you’re trying to improve your cooling system’s efficiency, replacing or cleaning dirty air filters is an effective tip. Dirty air filters force an air conditioner to work harder than usual, straining the system and increasing energy bills. Besides improving AC performance, replacing or changing filters can help to maintain a healthy air conditioning unit.

4. Proper Insulation

Another effective tip for improving AC efficiency this summer is keeping hot air out and cool air inside. You can hire an expert to help identify and seal cracks around doors and windows and improve weather stripping to keep cold temperatures inside. It also helps to keep the sun out by using window blinds and drawing curtains during the sunniest times of the day.

Use these tricks to improve AC efficiency and keep your home comfortable in the summer. You may consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient model if your current AC is old or on its last leg. Contact us at Champion HVAC for professional air conditioning services to keep your family comfortable throughout summer.

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