Just What is a Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC System?

Variable refrigerant flow HVAC systems came online in 1982 but only recently became widely available for commercial use. These systems offer a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to heat and cool multi-story buildings and other large commercial structures that have unique configurations. Let’s explore what a variable refrigerant flow solution is and the advantages of this efficient HVAC equipment for Palm Springs, CA buildings.

What Is Variable Refrigerant Flow?

In a variable refrigerant flow system, multiple indoor air handler units connect to a single outdoor unit. Each indoor unit can cool or heat a space to a different temperature. These systems can operate with some indoor units turned off. For example, in a hotel, some rooms might not be in use, so those indoor units would be turned off while the units in occupied rooms perform heating or cooling cycles.

How Does Variable Refrigerant Flow Work?

This type of efficient HVAC equipment works based on demand. When an indoor unit’s thermostat demands a heating or cooling cycle, the refrigerant flows through it and the outdoor unit. The system’s central control regulates how much refrigerant goes to a particular indoor unit based on how much heating or cooling that zone of the building requires. Zones that need to be heated or cooled to a greater extent than other zones receive more of the refrigerant.

What Are the Advantages of a Variable Flow System?

Variable coolant flow HVAC equipment provides greater control over temperature and humidity levels, explains Carrier Corporation. The system rarely has to run at peak capacity, which reduces wear and tear and extends the equipment’s lifespan. When different parts of a building have much higher loads than other parts, the system easily accommodates those needs. There are ducted and ductless variable coolant flow systems, and the equipment can be retrofitted into existing buildings or installed during the construction of new buildings.

To learn more about variable refrigerant flow HVAC equipment, take a look at Champion HVAC’s efficient HVAC equipment, or reach out to us today.

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